The Union

The union for the protection of Valtellina’s wines was founded in 1976 and since 1997 it represents almost all the wine producers of the province of Sondrio. Today it’s the only Italian union to have two D.O.C.G. qualifications for territory and vine varietals and it controlled Valtellina Superiore and Sforzato di Valtellina until July 2009. 

The union deals with aspects strictly connected with the territory, as the Provinea Foundation for the safeguard of the terraced vineyards of Valtellina shows. 

This concept has a double mission: valuing and appreciating the wines of Valtellina both on the territory and abroad and the safeguard of the wine growing and producing culture, a trademark of one of the most fascinating and interesting place of the world. 

The board

Aldo Rainoldi  – President

Marco Fay – Vicepresident

Gianpaolo Carnazzola – Vicepresident

Pietro Bettini

Danilo Drocco

Luca Faccinelli

Tommaso Frigeri

Emanuele Pelizzatti Perego

Mamete Prevostini

Cristina Scarpellini

Andrea Zanolari