Vinitaly 2018

31 Marzo 2018

OENOLOGISTS OF VALTELLINA, PROTAGONISTS OF THE FUTURE. A special Vinitaly for the winemakers of Valtellina. For the 2018 edition, the future played a central role, especially in the Lombardy pavilion. A positive presence that plays a fundamental part in economy and tourism. Nebbiolo vine of the Alps is the main protagonist, with its many features. Today, Valtellina winemakers find themselves in the right place atthe right time, able to make structured but not difficult wine, inline with the modern time and expectations with a total connection with the contemporaneity and the future of wine. Valtellina surely means uncontaminated nature, but also imagination, it’s live tradition, it’s inclusive identity. Come and visit Valtellina Wines at the Lombardy Pavilion, Palaexpo, StandABCD 1.  

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