The drywall of Valtellina featured on Raiuno

31 Gennaio 2019

On January9, the troupe of RAI 1 visited the terraces of Valtellina. It happened as partof the filming of the broadcast "Linea Bianca" at Aprica and Tirano. Thanks to the collaboration of Fondazione Provinea, the authors of the program had the opportunity to admire the large terrace complex in the area of Tirano and immediately decided to include in the transmission a specific focus on them, speaking in particular of how our terraces are fully represented in the list of intangible heritage UNESCO in the field of "The art of dry stonewalls-knowledge and techniques". 

As youknow, the Valtellina terraces constitute the largest terraced wine growing area in Italy and their agronomic value, their exceptional landscape impact, their irreplaceable hydro-geological presidium function are mainly carried out thanks to the more than 2,500 km of dry stone walls that have been built over thecenturies to compose this magnificent "cultural landscape". 

The filming of the RAI was carried out near the church of Santa Perpetua, above Tirano, where the terraces are among the oldest of those documented in Valtellina, upto more than 800 years ago. The great experience of those who have realized this exceptional "monument"must be carried out even today with a careful maintenance: the “Linea Bianca” entertainer Massimiliano Ossini, supported by the agronomist Roberto Bruni, remarked especially on the function of terraces and on the maintenance work and construction of drywall that were in progress in the area. 

In Valtellina and nearby Valposchiavo there are some years of training courses to"understand, realize and maintain the drywall" that allow to recoverand pass on a technique (an art), that of the dry construction, irreplaceable for the formation of our landscape and even more for therecognition of our identity.

Photo Copyright: Juri Baruffaldi

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