The Wine like Medium. Wine Lab for business operators

18 Febbraio 2019

Starting  from 25th of February, Consorzio wine isgoing to organize three WineLab meeting addressed to business operators ofSondrio Province. 

The focus of thiskind of travel, is a real exchange of ideas and experiences in order to better know and understand  mutual  realities made of histories, passions, competences, visions, investments and research. 

Wineries, combined to wine producers, have done a good job keeping up with changings and increasingly up-to-date demand about quality, valorisation, nature preservation and landscape. The wine of Valtellina has reached an outsanding success in terms of oenological critic and market positioning. The restaurant industry and Valtellina’s hospitality staff has witnessed Valtellina’soenological reality in a very positive manner. From one side,wine world needs a careful and high-quality catering service and on the otherside, food industry can aim to a relationship with wineries which is not only about business but it is also constructive and cooperative. 

The first three meeting will be in Sondrio, and than the same thing will take place in Bormio, Livigno and Chiavenna. We assume that, these three specific meeting managedin a functional way, will be useful to know, to compare, to listen to share and to contaminate their respective experiences. 

These WineLab will be coordinated and directed by Giacomo Mojoli with the participation of wine maker, enologist and agronomists. 

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