04 Aprile 2019

A showcasefor the future of consumption, a great opportunity to listen and test against amarket in rapid change and evolution. 

This is the meaning of Vinitaly 2019 forValtellina as a wine producer. An edition strongly projected to understand changes, trends and novelties, with a central and dynamic role within the animated Pavilion of the Lombardy region. 

With an accurate and creative research in the image, the territory in the foreground, with the landscape and the beauty of vineyards and nature. A Valtellina of wine and viticulture, a virtuous protagonist of a model of circular economy, of quality tourism understood as a system and sustainable development of the future.  All this, designed and communicated to give the idea of a reality in continuous growth, which focuses essentially on the added value of the beauty of its territory, on its geo-climatic biodiversity, on the uniqueness of its historical and eco-systemic terraces now recognized as a universal heritage of humanity.  Nebbiolo isthe protagonist and testimonial of all this, in all its versatile and elegantfacets. Interpreted and presented at its best by the wineries present inVerona, the wine of Valtellina is now designed with finesse, originality,freshness of taste, in tune with the future of wine and consumption. AValtellina, therefore, increasingly attractive and attentive to the care of itslandscape, growth and commitment to sustainable viticulture, open to innovationand confrontation with the younger generations. 

Afar-sighted message, out of the box, that wants first of all to excite thepublic and tell that Valtellina is young, Valtellina is nature, but it is alsofantasy, it is tradition in motion, it is inclusive identity. Because theValtellina of wine is certainly classic, but it is favorable to hybridization,it is exclusively for everyone, "in the right place, at the righttime".  

Wine,finally established, is more and more a decisive piece of the economy,protection and enhancement of the territory, but it is also prestige andreputation that, together with visibility and a pleasant story, make a place,an attractive place, beautiful and sustainable, even economically.   

TheValtellina will also be the protagonist of some institutional moments.   

 At the Valtellinacorner, every day, the Consortium will offer a tasting of Valtellina Wines, theexpressions of our winemaking land in combination with typical products of thearea. 

Sunday,April 7 at 10:30 a.m. at the hall of the Lombardy Region “La Pietra narra …. emozioni di Valtellina tra ingegno umano, ambiente naturale e prodotti di eccellenza” (The Stone Story .... emotions of Valtellina between human genius, natural environment and products of excellence), organised by the DistrettoAgroalimentare di Qualità della Valtellina. The stone surrounds and shapes theValtellina, giving it a majestic and evocative appearance. Starting from thedry-stone walls, on which the splendid DOCG wines of Valtellina are based, thesoapstone and the kitchen, the buckwheat millstones, the Calec and cheeses, the crotti and the seasoning, the excellent DOP and IGP products of the province of Sondrio will be narrated in a historical, social and, of course, sensory narrative. A different way to discover and appreciate knowledge and flavors handed down over the centuries.  

Tuesday,April 9 at 16:00 Aldo Rainoldi, President of Consortium, will be a guest at theconference "Vertical vineyards, when difficulties make a difference" organized by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Soave e Recioto di Soave . Speakers will include Aldo Lorenzoni, Director of the Consorzio Tutela Lessini Durello, Michele Alessi, MIPAAFT forthe Decree on Historical Viticulture, Roberto Gaudio, President of CERVIM, Matteo Fongaro, Vice-President of the Consorzio Tutela Lessini Durello (Hall 5G 4 - 7).   

Valtellina awaits you at the Lombardy Pavilion, Palaexpo, Stand ABCD 1.

Participation in Vinitaly 2019 is part of the project that the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini di Valtellina presented about Piano di Sviluppo Locale Valtellina: Valle dei Sapori 2014 – 2020. Azione n. 2 Prodotti agroalimentari e territorio –Interventi di promozione e di valorizzazione dei prodotti agroalimentari tipici della Provincia di Sondrio. Operazione 3.2.01 “informazione e promozione dei prodotti di qualità”

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