Valtellina Wine Festival

06 Settembre 2019


Third edition of the event created by the Consortium for the Protection of Valtellina Wines.

The aim ofthis event is to intertwine the social and economic value of wine with the environmental, artistic and landscape heritage of Valtellina and Valchiavenna. 

"Wine as a Landscape", as an attractor of a new and important quality tourism that, as confirmed by data and market research, increasingly becomes an opportunity, a fascinating element through which you can make known and appreciate a territory. ValtellinaWine Festival, a laboratory and incubator of ideas, to be applied to the entire province of Sondrio, to promote an updated and contemporary vision of a tourist offer that is increasingly able to look to the next challenges, starting with the 2026 Winter Olympics.

For two days, Chiavenna, with its marvellous historical palaces, becomes the theatre for workshops (WineLab) and tasting  (WineTasting) dedicated to the knowledge of Valtellina's wines which, on this specific occasion, will be confronted with wines of the highest level from the most qualified wine-makingareas in Italy: from Piedmont, to Trentino, to Tuscany, to Veneto, to Umbria, the Marches and Emilia Romagna, to the Islands and the South regions.

A rich exchange of experiences, for the Valtellina wine. A virtuous contamination of ideas and skills, through the meeting with dozens of producers, among the most famous in Italy, who have decided to welcome as protagonists the invitation of the Consortium. For thisreason, at the opening of the Festival (September 20) is, among others, guest of honor Franciacorta, one of the wines and territories most recognized in Italy and in the world, for the production of high quality wine fermented in bottle. 

The event begins on September 20 with an extraordinary Wine Lab, at the Convento of the Cappuccini, dedicated to the comparison of six great wines from Valtellina with six award-winning Barolo wines. On September 21, in a fascinating setting such as Palazzo Vertemate Franchi, another Wine Lab will be dedicated to the best wines of the guest of honour Wineries. Also on September 21, Convento of the Cappuccini, is the scene of the prince of wines of Valtellina, with 10 Sforzato diValtellina for tasting. 

On September 21, from 3 pm, in an original setting, the former Convent of theAugustinians, two large tasting rooms welcome wine lovers with more than 150 wines in tasting representative of 25 wineries Valtellina and 20 producers from north to south of Italy.

The wines will be accompanied by typical Valtellina products, thanks to the Distretto Agroalimentare di Qualità della Valtellina "Valtellina che Gusto!" and the project "Taste The Alps", a three-year promotional course (2018-2021) aimed at increasing awareness and consumption of PDO and PGIproducts from the Valtellina area. 

Finally, the Valtellina Vision Project, two special stations where you can watch, through an oculos viewer, two spectacular 360-degree videos dedicated to Valtellina and its wines.

Because the Valtellina of wine is certainly famous for the best historical tradition, but it is above all open to innovation, favorable to comparison and positive cultural hybridizations, open to young people and their visionary ideas.      

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