14 Settembre 2020

Beauty is an agricultural act. The landscape seen with the eyes of tomorrow



There are many researches and analyses that confirm how much tourism is growing, focused on a specific trend: the demand for beauty of the landscape, of the reception scenarios, together with a global offer (art, culture, gastronomy, wine/nature,sport and quality of life) focused on competence, quality and global sustainability. 

Everything that will be strategically conceived, designed and shaped with the eyes of tomorrow, destined to last over time, in a few words "well done", it will become a project connected with the positivity of the value of beauty.

The "beauty marketing" of a place or a territory, becomes for this reason an investment on the future, a virtuous model of development that, economically and ecologically, falls in every social and commercial sector of a specific area as a system. 

We want to talk about this on September 29th, in an event held in Sondrio by the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini di Valtellina, from an idea of Giacomo Mojoli, through an innovative process based on the network and on what we have experienced in terms of communication and social relations during the lockdown period.

It is an online connection that aims to involve tourism and catering operators, but not only, united by a strategic vision of the future and a proactive design model. An attitude, a way of operating that considers fundamental "teamwork and system", focusing on wide spread quality, constant growth of professionalism, the unparalleled heritage of the attractiveness of the landscape, culture, art and food and wine.

A singular event the best you can imagine in terms of development, beauty design, communication and innovative thinking. Starting with Brunello Cucinelli, man and businessman who has made beauty and its most contemporary meaning a "modus operandi" and, then, continue with Oscar Farinetti, a visionary and pragmatic businessman, a fascinating communicator and, continue with Francesco Zurlo, vicar dean of the Faculty of Design, Politecnico diMilano, a great expert in methodology and culture of the project.

"Beautyas an agricultural act" is the title of this meeting, through the proposal of a "landscape therapy", with the aim of making apparently different thoughts and trades interact, to generate an economy of relationships, a design of relationships, to hybridize the different experiences put in place.  

All this also in view of the Winter Olympics in 2026 that will see the Valtellina protagonist and guest of this very important event in which, precisely, the culture of design and hospitality, the beauty and sustainability of the landscape, in harmony with the uniqueness of the Nebbiolo of the Alps, will become an opportunity, a strong "reputation capital" for an ambitious positioning from the point of view of tourism. 

Leading the connection, Giacomo Mojoli, accompanied by Marco Scaramellini, mayor of Sondrio and Aldo Rainoldi, president of the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini di Valtellina.

Valtellina 2020-2026 Beauty is an agricultural act. The landscape seen with the eyes of tomorrow 




29 September 2020 - 4.30 /5.30 p.m. 


Brunello Cucinelli - businessman

Oscar Farinetti - businessman

Francesco Zurlo - vicar Dean of the Faculty of Design - Politecnico Milano

Marco Scaramellini - mayor of Sondrio 

Aldo Rainoldi - president Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini di Valtellina 

Giacomo Mojoli - creator of the format

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