Balgera Vini

Valtellina is an amazing place characterized by the traditional terraced vineyards on the Rhaetians side of the Alps for 40 Km. The Balgera winery are situated in the town of Chiuro, located in the heart of this enchanted valley, in the ancient mansion of the Quadrio family. The founder of the company was the great-great-grandfather Pietro, who in 1800 was a wine trader in Switzerland. After three generations, Paolo Balgera took on the business as oenologist. He started his programme of improvement of vinification techniques, modernize the equipments, getting to age some wines in barriques. From generation to generation: his sons Luca and Matteo show a great passion for their family tradition and the willing to continue it.

Balgera Vini

Place Via Maurizio Quadrio 26 - Chiuro

Telephone no. +39 0342 482203

Fax +39 0342 482295



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