Mozzi Alfio

This winery started in 1998 when Alfio Mozzi chose to become a full time wine-growing and producing entrepreneur. Alfio was born in a vineyard, in the land of his great-grandparents, where he spent his childhood. He worked as a blacksmith for 11 years, he then decided to start growing his land and later to become an entrepreneur running his own business. 

During the years, he unified many plots of land and there his dream becomes true. Wine-making becomes his true passion, he loves his job, from the hard work in the vineyard to the pleasure of wine tasting in the cellars. 

Drinking his wine, you go back to old traditions, you feel the strong connection with the land and the emotions of the harvest. Every year is a special one.

Mozzi Alfio

Place via Cà Bianca 19 - Castione Andevenno

Telephone no. +39 0342 358670 +39 339 3707018




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