Mamete Prevostini

The story of Mamete Prevostini is about the tradition of an Italian winery and his deep love for wine for over 70 years and a strong connection with his land: Valtellina, one of Italy’s most important terraced wine growing area. 

In ancient times it was a strategic position that connected Italy to Switzerland and Europe. During the years, these peoples left traditions, cultures and typical products. And it’s around wine that the prestigious Valtellina oenological culture was born, focusing on the local vine varietal: Nebbiolo.

Mamete Prevostini

Place Via Don Primo Lucchinetti, 63 - Mese

Telephone no. +39 0343 41003 +39 0343 41522

Fax +39 0343 41521




Twitter @M_Prevostini

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