Vini Dei Giop

My name is Gianluigi Rumo and I’m a wine maker from Valtellina. 

Since 2000 I started growing the vineyards my family used to own but abandoned at least 20 years ago. I started with 2,000 square meters of land and today it’s grown to 60,000 square meters of terraced vineyards located in the Rhaetian Side of the township of Villa di Tirano.

 The yield of the heroic viticulture in Valtellina is very low and maintenance works for our dry-stone walls keep us busy all year long. I decided to focus on high-quality wine and I pay a special attention on the environment around us. I don’t use barrique so that our wine can keep its own characteristics as a consequence of our land and I grow my vineyard respecting the environment.  

Vini Dei Giop

Place via derada 23 - villa di tirano

Telephone no. +39 0342 016454 +39 328 2272676

Fax +39 328 2272676



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