The Cellar “Il Principino” (the Little Prince) of the farm “Le case dei Baff” was built in 2007, when we managed to grow a vineyard situated in our hometown, close to our house. After years of hard work, we decided in 2015 to produce our own Rosso di Valtellina wine directly in the cellar we built. 

The vineyard is situated on three terraces, safe from the western winds and from the breeze that blows from Valmasino, while it is very well exposed to sunlight thanks to a wide opening facing the East side. It is the first vineyard, geographically speaking, of the Rosso di Valtellina sub-zone. The whole vinification process is in the hands of our oenologist Nicola Del Nero, a young agronomist and a very good friend close to our family. 

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