Unusual name (the Spy), connected to a rocky slope, the hill “La Spia” was a strategic spot since the Grisons domination. It was once covered  with woods and in 1962 the area was sold to a family from Milan, the Buzzi, and then passed  to the Rigamonti. They cut all the trees and made a vineyard of it. The very first harvest  of the Inferno vineyard took place only in 2006. 

The antique terraced structure made it possible for Valtellina winemakers to keep growing vines. Climate and land are the secret ingredients of the La Spia wines. 

After a long aging period, bottles are labelled with special labels made by the great Italian contemporary artist Luca Pignatelli. Three subjects in black and white remind us the myths of the woods in fairy tales and can express the territory and the wine of Valtellina Superiore at their best.