La Grazia

“La Grazia” was established by Oberti family to combine wine passion with the deep attachment to our territory. 

Low number production of mountain viticulture, which can be defined as heroic and unique. 


INNOVATION means, for example, the challenge of develop white wine and Metodo Classico Spumante with grapes grown on Orobic Alps valley side. This area has always been considered as less suitable for vinification but today is more tempting due to climate changes. Other innovative aspects are green solutions as Piwi vine varieties employment. These vines are naturally resistant to the most common diseases and means zero agrochemical intervention. 

TRADITION is firstly enhancement of the noble Nebbiolo grapes, the most important in Valtellina region. It is developed in Valtellina wines like Sforzato. Another important issue is the conservation of terraced long-standing vines and recovery of neglected vineyard also with a careful rebuilding of typical dry-stone walls.