Nino Negri

The story of this winery is a century long. From generation to generation, the story’s about a strong will and lucky intuitions: two ingredients well-expressed in our wine. Our company was founded in 1897, the Negri family bought it from a Swiss company called Winefood, popular in the Sixties. 

Later, in 1986 was bought by the Italian group Vini Scarl. So it was bought by Nino Negri then, and there one of the biggest Valtellina’s winery (in 1980 it bought Pellizzati winery and in 1992 Enologica Valtllinese) started to produce high-quality wines. 

During the years, Nino Negri’s winery became the jewel of Gruppo Italiano Vini.

Nino Negri

Place Via Ghibellini 3 - Chiuro

Telephone no. +39 0342485211

Fax +39 0342 482235



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