Società Agricola Fay

Fay winery was founded in 1973 by Sandro Fay who, starting from a small family-run business, decided to develop and grow bigger. 

Since 1998 he has been working with his son Marco and his daughter Elena. Our target is to enhance every single vineyard that - according to each pedological and altimetric feature- give rise to very different wines with completely different personalities. 

Our vineyards stretch for 13 hectares, and as family tradition our winery has a strong connection to the Valgella sub-zone, where almost all the wine is produced.

Società Agricola Fay

Place Via Pila Caselli, 1 - 23036 San Giacomo di Teglio

Telephone no. +39 0342786071

Fax +39 0342786058



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