LA SPIA > MR72 - Sassella 2010


MR72 - Sassella 2010

This wine is made in a vineyard property of the Rigamonti Family, located in “La Spia”, over a hectare of “terraced garden” under vine crop on medium-low land but still heterogeneous due to the presence of outcropping rocks. 

Harvest is made strictly by hand in October, a little later compared to the last years. Bunches are vinified in the traditional way and fine tuned in a steel tank, after that in a French oak barrel and finally in bottle. 

The wine gets a ruby-red color, its perfume is rich and fruity, silky to the mouth, fascinating and elegant with a soft balsamic note. 

This wine can age for a long period and it perfectly matches with game, roasted red meat, matured cheese. To be serve at a temperature of 18°C.

Valtellina Superiore Sassella DOCG

Vine Variety
Nebbiolo 100 %

Cellar LA SPIA

Place Loc. Sassella - Castione Andeveno

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