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The origin 

From the vinification of some white hybrid vines naturally resistant to the most common diseases. Hence the chance to eliminate any agrochemical intervention in the vineyard. Highest respect for the naturalness of the product and for the environment, also int he wine cellar.“ZERO, VERO” (zero, for real /genuine). 

In a glass 

Yellow slightly golden, shining. On the nose there are hints ofter penic notes with memories of moss and grape fruit, slight pineapple and a distinct minerality. The taste is savoury, fresh, pleasantly fruity, strong structure and marked mineral. It is appreciable in the vintage for the lively freshness, but it could face even 4 - 6 years ofaging in bottle.

Alpi Retiche Igt

Cellar La Grazia

Place Via del Progresso, 7 - Tirano

Telephone no. +39 348.6707071


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