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Rosé Brut Spumante Metodo Classico

The origin

Made only from native red grapes of the rhaetian Alps coast pressed very softly to obtain only the first must of earliest pressing, elegant and with a pale pink shade. Then it is naturally fermented, very slowly and for a long time, up to complete its aging at the end of winter. In June it is ready for the yeast addition and for the bottling preparation for the sub sequent second fermentation according to the rules of the “MetodoClassico”. It follows a slowaging for other 30 months in bottle, with frequent stirring of the yeast deposit to integrate the flavourings of the fermentation in the bouquet.

In a glass

A very pale pink, with soft intriguingorange reflections. Fruity with hints of white peach, wild berries,hazelnut. At the end, breadcrust and yeast. To the taste: fullbodied, fascinating,harmonious. Sapid and durable.Can be proposed as an aperitif but it becomes intriguing through out all meal and snacks with cheese and charcuterie. Serve cold at 7 - 8 °C.

Spumante V.S.Q. Metodo Classico

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