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Its name (inferno = hell) comes from the high temperatures in the vineyards during the summer. Here a ruby.-red wine is made, characterized by a delicate raspberry and wood perfume with notes of hazelnut and candied fruit. It is 100% Nebbiolo vine, the wine ages for12 months in oak barrels and is fine-tuned for 8 more months in bottle. It is stored for 6/8 years in cool place. Serving temperature: 18° - 19°C.

Valtellina Superiore Inferno DOCG

Alcohol content

Vine Variety
Nebbiolo 100%

Cellar Mamete Prevostini

Place Via Don Primo Lucchinetti, 63 - Mese

Telephone no. +39 0343 41003 +39 0343 41522

Fax +39 0343 41521


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