Nebbiolo from the Alps
Nebbiolo from the Alps

Nebbiolo from the Alps

Nebbiolo and the Alps: a vital bond, an historic alliance between the largest italian terraced territory and the mountain. From the combination of different elements such as geography, soil, microclimate, alpine agriculture derives Valtellina wines, an example of rural culture unique in the world.

Nebbiolo from the Alps

The mosaic of Valtellina wines

Valtellina is an alpine area of Lombardy, influenced by the winds, the air currents of the mountain, the breeze from Lake Como, the exposition of the vineyards to the south and by a geometry of dry stone walls expanding from the bottom to the top for 2500 kilometres. All these elements are the protagonists of the art of Nebbiolo viticulture, one of the largest italian vineyards area.

Wine in Valtellina is a mosaic that takes shape from the union between man and nature, wine production and landscape, an harmony of embedded pieces that supports the terrace as well as the stones.
This harmony can be found through a glass of wine, the faithful mirror of the territory and the vineyard, rich in personality, freshness and original finesse.

Nebbiolo from the Alps

Nebbiolo grapes and the Alps are the essential ingredients of Valtellina. The extraordinary interaction among geographical, geological, cultural and social factors makes Valtellina a “Right place at the right time” territory.
But why is the Valtellina wine region considered a “Right place at the right time” territory?

  • For its privileged geography, among the Alps, which brings out the best of Nebbiolo, with wines that enhance the soul of the mountain.
  • For being a land rich in history and rural tradition but which also seeks opportunities for innovation and looks for a more sustainable future.
  • For the peculiarities of its wines, complex but never complicated, graceful and elegant, bonded to the vineyard and to the uniqueness of the territory and, needless to say, for the creativity of the producers.
  •  For being an attractive wine making area, open to producers, tourists and passionate consumers, always more and more fascinated by the energy and the balance of Nebbiolo.


Valtellina is the land of Sforzato wine, symbol of local winemaking culture, rich in cultural heritage, unique expression of Nebbiolo grapes and the result of a union between territory and technique. 

Sforzato wine is the product of drying and time, it’s an interpretation wine, strongly linked to tradition and history, but also a wine on which research is underway in favour of an updated and more shareable style. Sforzato is a wine of value for both producers and consumers, it’s the symbol of sustainability for the whole system of Valtellina wine production.

Nebbiolo from the Alps

Valtellina wines are obtained by interpreting Nebbiolo grapes, cultivated on the terraces of the Rhaetian mountainside and following precise production rules.

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