Biodiversity, microclimate, uniqueness
Biodiversity, microclimate, uniqueness

Biodiversity is the essence of a unique territory

Valtellina is a puzzle of unique natural elements. Firstly the Alps with their own alpine climate and remarkable temperature variations; then the breeze coming from Lake Como and, eventually, a huge heritage of sunshine hours. All key success factors which make this territory perfectly suitable for a high quality viticulture.

Biodiversity, microclimate, uniqueness

The ingredients of quality

Valtellina is a long and narrow valley, a wedge of land crossed by the path of the Adda river and protected by two Alps mountainsides - the Rhaetian Alps to the North, and the Orobian Prealps to the South. Everything is refreshed by the Breva. This local breeze rises directly from Lake Como and spreads all around the valley. This can guarantee a large wind circulation among the terraced vineyards.

Valtellina vineyard rises from the south, on the Rhaetian mountainside, a perfect collocation where to get light, energy and sunshine hours of extraordinary intensity (1900 hours of light  per year cover the terraced side of Valtellina).

The Alps are the protagonists of Valtellina wines: they keep the level of humidity, they guarantee temperature variations and, particularly during the pre-harvest period, they transmit personality, finesse and a distinctive flavour to the wines.


Biodiversity, microclimate, uniqueness


The vocation of Valtellina to wine growing is also linked to the terraced vineyards, lined dry stone walls extended from the bottom to the top, between 300 and 800 metres of altitude.
The rock from where the terrace expands and the shallow soils on the bare stone gather together heat and power, making this portion of Valtellina an important witness of a mediterranean micro-climate. In summer stones turn into burning cliffs and welcome extraordinary vegetation such as prickly pears, wild fennel, agave, real portions of the Mediterrenan scrub. All is symmetry with the lifeblood of the territory-the mountain- source from where Valtellina wines and people get their vital energy.


Biodiversity and beauty

Biodiversity is a question of harmony and balance. Valtellina viticulture is actually a representation of biodiversity: dry stone walls are a micro ecosystem rich in energy, organic and inorganic life and with a huge presence of animals and plants.
But it’s even more than that. The lined stones, if well-preserved, can contribute to the growth of eco-diversity on the entire territory: along the terraces particular microclimatic conditions, affected by exposure, altitude and the type of rock, are generated.

Terracing is biodiversity, is life, it stabilises the mountainside, it helps to regulate the flows, it protects the hydrological equilibrium, it prevents decay and the growth of threatening herbs and shrubs.

Biodiversity is also enclosed in the key role of human labor, in the cultural heritage and in the art of stone harvesting that has characterized Valtellina for hundreds of years.  
Terracing is knowledge, culture and an expression of beauty.

Biodiversity, microclimate, uniqueness

On the terraces Nebbiolo grape is grown but there's also a presence of other types of grapes such as Pignola, Rossola, Brugnola and some original experimentation.

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